Unabashedly Me

nicole_circle02I’m a fierce woman on a deeply spiritual and wildly transformative path. A developmental artist, I meet challenge with an open heart and mind, eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, until it pops into a precious gem shining with new learning. And then I freely dance and sing…until the next great gesture knocks at my door.

I don’t believe there’s such a thing as the “ultimate arrival” to personal evolution and I won’t pretend I’m a siren beckoning to you from that perfect place. I’m constantly becoming more essentially me, in every moment, every day. Some days are better than others.

I have lived, breathed, and worked growth and development for over a decade. It’s my bread and butter, my lover, my muse.

I have lived, breathed, and worked growth and development for over a decade. It’s my bread and butter, my lover, my muse.

I live to serve and relieve suffering of all kinds. I co-created and produced hundreds of experiences and events, built communities and companies that support deep growth work, and witnessed profound transformation in thousands of people.

I am wise with many years of my own personal work. To serve others in the way I desire requires a deep commitment to myself.

I beat my anger out on bags. I breathed away my sorrow. I sweat out my toxins. I dissected my family. I faced my shadow (and ran from it). I chanted, prayed, and meditated. I’m quite sure I tamed my monkey mind for at least a couple of minutes, even experiencing a few life shattering-love blossoming states of oneness. And then I do it all over again.

I lost sight of who I was and found me again. Danced with the devils of divorce, illness, and infertility. Soared with financial freedom and followed my heart away from it and into the unknown.

It’s an ever-evolving, wind-whipping, exhilarating roller coaster of a ride, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the process I have sharpened my unique skills of deep intuition, loving honesty, compassionate care, generosity of spirit, allowing for very focused and pointed yet gentle guidance.

I soaked up a lot of life wisdom and thus feel uniquely equipped to serve you in navigating many of life’s moments.

Working With Me


The straight truth is that I’m a coach that above all else would be most honored to get to know and serve you in being Unabashedly You.

My passion is to help you find your own path to a deep and fulfilling life. A life that feels meaningful, vital, precious, delightful, and awe-inspiring. One in which you really know and honor yourself. Where you listen to your longings. You put yourself on your list of priorities. You define what success means to you and go after it wholeheartedly. You align with a sense of purpose that extends beyond you. Where love is the utmost priority, practice, and privilege. A life with impact and influence. A life that has your signature written all over it.

This is my path too. And so I know that sometimes you need a nudge to help find, define, and refine you – given whatever new phase of life you’re entering into. I invite you to walk alongside me on the journey. You don’t have to go it alone!

Through my work and personal exploration, I have come to know and appreciate transformative work that works. I also understand that this is a highly personal judgment. You need your own discernment but you also need honest reflection, healthy community, and compassionate guides to support you. And, it is ultimately up to you to then take the responsibility to do the work.

I can help you see glimpses of your future self, and discover the treasures you’re here to bestow. And it’s my soul’s destiny to help you live and give it.

Like a delicious smell you can’t quite place, like the feeling of déjà vu, like a piece of art in progress, held askew, I want to know you, serve you, and help you remember and create yourself anew.

I can help you see glimpses of your future self, and discover the treasures you’re here to bestow. And it’s my soul’s destiny to help you live and give it.
I am at once intense and gentle and will treat you in the most honoring way.

I can be wholly irreverent, a little edgy, and I love to laugh. We will laugh. It is a moment-by-moment joy and huge practice for me to not take this all so darn seriously.

I am truly already in love with you and you will feel this from me. I promise to bring unconditional regard, deep unabiding support, challenge, sweetness, raw, real reflection into your life whether we work together or just meet on the street.

If you’re ready to hear more about how we can work together, check this out.

Grounded Experience

I’m a Certified Integral Master Coach™ (see this page if you want to know what that means). In short, that means I’ve been extensively trained as a life coach by the best coaches I know, in a comprehensive framework that allows me to see and know you deeply and serve you powerfully. Getting this multi-year certification was one of the single most transformative endeavors in my life.

I am deeply proud and forevermore informed by the endeavors that I co-created and had the privilege of serving:hand01

The Human Program
Core Integral
Integral Chicks
Integral Institute/Integral Life

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and once owned a restaurant and brewery. Part of my life has always been and will always be loving food for its art, its alchemy, its nourishment, its medicine, its way of bringing people together. YUM!

I have a Master’s Degree in Political Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Lehigh University. This education actually started me on this path of deep inquiry (thanks Professor Matthews).


I’m have learned from and worked with some of the greatest minds and hearts in the field of human development. I am eternally grateful for their gifts.


Ken Wilber: American Integral philosopher and great mega mind, the one who made sense of everything.

Dr. Daniel P. Brown: The ferociously loving, multi-Tibetan Buddhist lineage holder, clinical psychologist, attachment specialist (and figure!), associate Harvard Professor, and exemplary human.

Sofia Diaz: The ineffable Shakti force and feminine embodiment master, the woman who brought me to my knees in devotion to my higher self.

Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt: My coaching exemplars, beloved bodhisattva teachers, and all around brilliant and powerful women.

I am constantly learning from and being challenged by my brilliant beloved and partner-in-growth, Dr. Clinton Fuhs. There is nothing I love more than being out in the exquisite Colorado mountains with him and my two crazy wild, smarter than I can figure out Border Collies, Hitch and Isis.


Because I love and think we all need honest reflection of who we are from time to time, I asked some friends, colleagues, and clients how they experience me. Here’s a few things they said:

  • Raw, real, down to earth, grounded
  • No bullshit
  • Strips out the fluff and new age eccentricities
  • Steady, spacious, disarmingly compassionate
  • Piercing insight
  • Feel tremendously held and loved in her presence
  • Funny-really deep without being heavy
  • Holds a powerful container for insight and growth
  • Curious, playful, and magical in investigating things that matter
  • Committed, reliable, and relatable

Nicole’s approach to the ever-more-common coaching market sets it apart dramatically from the almost indistinguishable rush of training seminars.  She takes an integrally-informed approach—or a truly comprehensive, inclusive, balanced stance—which has proven both more appealing and more effective.  More important, it has returned coaching to a truly effective and instrumental practice, one that can make a deep, pervasive, and lasting impact on your life, your work, your relationships.  Definitely check her out, it is absolutely worth it!

Ken Wilber— Author, The Integral Vision

Nicole is one of the wisest and most insightful humans I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with. She spans the worlds of grounded practicality and uncanny intuition as a deeply embodied spiritual practitioner which cultivates both great trust and clear paths forward. Over the years of knowing and working with Nicole, I’ve watched her create and hold space for so many women’s transformation and meeting and expressing of their truest selves. Every conversation is held in the most loving and compassionate container, even the most casual check in. But there’s no hiding, she has a way of cutting through the surface of things, and her presence demands what you want to demand of yourself- Be who you truly are, long for what you truly long for, open to it, go after it, get it, become it.

Chela Davison, Certified Integral Master Coach™, Managing Director and Faculty, Integral Coaching Canada

If you choose to work with Nicole, you have great fortune. What I most appreciate about her is how easy it is to be in her presence, a space of vast ease, clarity, humor and Life – regardless of what is happening. She is unequivocally one of the most authentic people I have ever met and regard her as my exemplar for honesty and integrity. Nicole genuinely indiscriminately always has your back. I would include her in my top five people to join me on an island for survival. She’s that good. Nicole sees deeply and cleanly, piercing through BS and gracefully delivering what you most need to hear. It only hurts a little sometimes. She takes interest and curiosity to the depths, not skimming the surface for what may be obvious but diving deeper into uncharted territory fiercely and compassionately. Whatever you have disrupting your life, she meets you with mastery beyond what you could imagine.

Gayle Colman, Certified Integral Master Coach™, CFP®, Creator of Somatic Finance®

I’ve worked with Nicole in several contexts. We’ve served global communities together through Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute and more recently through transformative growth intensives around the world at The Human Program. Exhibiting excellence in both her coaching capacity and spiritual practice, Nicole embodies a rare combination of skills. Beautifully weaving together her gifts of attunement, empathy, and wisdom, I’ve witnessed Nicole have transformative impact in the lives of those she mentors. After more than a decade of friendship and seeing Nicole in action, I can unequivocally recommend her to anyone seeking a deep integration of spirituality, personal growth, and overall life empowerment.

Dustin DiPerna, Author, Teacher, Entrepreneur

For nearly a decade, Nicole has worked and played at the leading edge of the evolution of consciousness, and has worked closely with some of the most profound spiritual teachers of our time. She is capable, creative, thoughtful and intuitive in her work. Being with her, I feel met and seen in a way that only very talented coaches can pull off. And most importantly, she doesn’t let me off the hook with myself: She calls me to my greatest depth and truth.

Allison Conte, Senior Consultant, Mobius Executive Leadership

Being coached by Nicole is a journey of playful, tantalizing transformation. Being a master in integral theory AND integral coaching, Nicole designs programs that fit the needs and unique qualities of each client – no “one method fits all” coaching here. My experience being coached by Nicole was one of feeling totally heard and accepted, then gently but surely being guided into the place I’d wanted to be – knowing that I could not have gotten there by myself. After all, I’d been trying to resolve these issues on my own, unsuccessfully, for years. It was only with Nicole’s expert guidance that I recognized old patterns and let go of them and built the skills to step into the life I longed to live.

Julie Flaherty, Certified Integral Master Coach™

I know Nicole as a coach, and as a person in community and relationship.
Upon meeting her, you find someone who is fully present for you, not clouded in her own projections. She offers curiosity, wisdom, and care, focused on you. She has the training, the experience and the heart to offer a coaching experience unlike any you have seen before-a whole life approach to sustained change, with the best of the best.

Lama Kimberley Lafferty, Co-Founder, Yoga Studies Institute

Every session, Nicole has held me in a gentle yet strong space of heartfelt considerate listening, no-nonsense mother-love, and focused level-headed inquiry. With pragmatic clear-seeing, she has empowered me to overcome blockages and weak areas in my development through fun doable practices. With her support, I have gained confidence in my self-expression and creative feminine leadership, set boundaries with those I love in order to re-prioritize what matters most to me, and made paralyzing decisions with greater ease and clarity. Nicole has vast experience in mobilizing growth within individuals and communities and is a seriously trusted ally I highly recommend to you.

Jamie Mantey – Yoga Teacher, Healing Arts Practitioner, Coach

I have known Nicole since our ICC Coaching Program. Nicole is brilliant with an unassuming capacity for breadth and depth of understanding. She is also phenomenally compassionate with a beautiful way of guiding her clients to their own discoveries.

Cindy Staunton, Certified Integral Master Coach™, Organizational Development Consultant