Hello. I’m Nicole.

Welcome! My heart is bursting with gratitude that you’re here. It’s my passion and practice to live unabashedly me. And there is nothing that lights me up more than helping others get beyond their perceived limits, bring out their brilliance, and live their truest life. I’m part coach, part mystic, part warrior, part lover – wholehearted, through and through.

Time to Bloom. 

Because it’s simply painful not to. Do you want better self-understanding? Freed up energy? The courage to trust yourself? To live a deep, radiant, meaningful, generous life of your own design? Where are you showing up authentically you, and where are you playing it safe, small, and with the same-old patterns? It’s time to bring all of you out to play.


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Do YOUR Good.

No need to try and be the Buddha, be a buddha. Do you strive for perfection? Have too many ideas of who you “should” be rather than who you actually are? Do you compare your life to others?  Harshly judge yourself? Let’s explore how to stop the madness, turn your lens inward, and start experiencing more peace, joy, and trust in life’s unfolding.