You + Me

Come in close, let me tell you a secret. YOU, my friend, are sacred and worthy of goodness in your life. You really are.

I know that living a life that feels true to you, and staying in touch with your sacredness is often easier said then done.

But you don’t have to go it alone. I offer short and long term one-on-one coaching programs for women and men.

It will be my honor and deepest pleasure to help you:eye

  • Know and love yourself.
  • Feel your true worth.
  • Find your deepest desires.
  • Listen to and trust yourself and something beyond you.
  • Navigate from your center.
  • Make your dreams a reality.
  • Share yourself and your gifts more generously with the world.



Ready for change? Let’s dive deep together.

Imagine that you had a combination of:

  • a lovingly honest friend to tell you the real truth
  • a cheering mentor who really gets you
  • a wise sage to help you go deeper into yourself
  • a fierce ninja to cut through your limiting beliefs
  • an earthy mama to keep you grounded and held
  • a trickster type to keep you laughing
  • a keen BS-sniffing wizard to keep you accountable
  • a magical mirror to reflect back your highest self
  • a clear path forward and a stellar map
  • a poetic representation of who you are now and who you want to become
  • personalized steps and practices to get you there
  • lifelines to call on when tough challenge creeps in
  • the perfect practices and insights all created especially for you

…and you invited them all to a party with you as the honored guest

…and that party ended up lasting several months.

The results? Life-changing goodness.

This signature program offers you the most consistent contact with yourself and with me so that deep, sustainable progress can become a reality.

It includes:

  • Weekly 60-90 minute meetings (via video, phone, or in person)
  • Regular email/text access for additional support + accountability
  • An in-depth assessment of what you want to work on and how you currently relate to it
  • A completely personalized coaching program that attends to the specific challenge you want to work on and the opportunities that await
  • A metaphor that illuminates your current way of being with your challenge to explore together and come to know intimately (you gotta see, feel, and know it to change it!)
  • Specific “muscles” to build over the course of the program that will help you make and sustain the progress you seek
  • Wisdom to open you up to new possibilities, personalized practices to make those possibilities a reality, and reflection to help you track your progress toward those possibilities
  • Another metaphor used to scaffold a new way of being, to help you feel what it will be like once you break through your challenges, and show you the shoes you’ll fill in the future
  • An elegant completion to track and celebrate your journey!

Commitment: 3, 6, or 9 months depending on your life and specific challenge

If you’d like to have a complimentary conversation to explore working together – if we’re a good fit, what length of program would suit your needs, and what investment that will require…



Looking for insight?
Feedback on a project?
Want to talk through a decision or idea?
Need some lovin’?

A 90-minute Pearl session will give you a push in the right direction, reflection to get things moving forward, back on track, or to grease your stubborn wheel. These sessions are also perfect for people who want to get to know me and how I work, or for previous clients who need a tune up. You will walk away with at least one personalized practice to help integrate the session into your life and make steps towards change.

If you’d like to schedule a Pearl conversation, please get in contact…


What kind of impact do I make in the lives of my clients and colleagues? Find out at the bottom of this page.

Do you feel like a tiny voice drowning in a sea of priorities, work, responsibilities, and expert opinions? Do you feel like other people are living the life you want to live? Do your judge yourself and others about that? You can choose to watch your FB feed roll on by, react to life as your precious energy leaks out, or you can jump into really living.

Why does your life matter so much? Well, it’s not just because you are sacred and deserve an awesome life, though that is reason enough.

We need you. Your life is calling for your gifts. Your voice. Your presence. YOU. Your uniqueness, creative flavor, and sweetest offering. You’re here for a reason. Let’s find out said reason and help you live it without compromise.

Imagine if we could all live as bright expressions of who we’re meant to be, what an unbelievable world this would be? Living free, meaningful, and delicious lives of our own design. Knowing how to respond to life’s inevitable challenges. Alive with our learning.

That’s the kind of world I want to live in, and I won’t stop until I ensure more of this goodness before I die. So, if you’re ready, I’m here.


Burning Questions

I don’t believe that you can just get an insight and then magically stop acting in limiting ways and believing in the things that keep you stuck. I don’t buy or sell quick fixes. It’s not that easy.

But, it also isn’t that hard, if you have the right tools and someone in your corner who really knows that it’s all about you and not about them. I don’t believe that what worked for me will work for you.

Rather, our engagement starts, progresses, and ends with you. What do you most want to work on? Where is the real suffering? We work together to get a laser like understanding of your “topic” from the very beginning, and everything we do is completely personalized and centered around helping you make real and sustainable progress in that topic.

I care a great deal about grounding things in your life. I’ve got a whole lot of earth in my chart (Virgo Sun, Taurus Rising) and you’ll feel it when you work with me. It’s not just about new insights (they are great, and you will have a lot of them, but), it’s about how they translate and play out in everyday living. So, expect to always walk away with new tools and practices from our conversations that I will hold you to trying out, and tweak as needed to really land and work in your life.

Which brings us to the secret sauce. And again, it’s YOU. Specifically, your commitment.

From my own (oft painful) personal experience, and through working with many others, I’ve discovered that if your heart, sweat, and tears aren’t in it, for whatever reason, if you’re not ready or open to receiving and making changes, it doesn’t matter how much money or time you’ve spent, what new insights you’ve come away with, how much fun and connection you’ve had along the way, it doesn’t work and it won’t make for lasting change. You’ve got to do the work, every day (and sometimes even on Sunday).

I will commit to help you stay on track, and point out when you’re not. I will help you take full responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your future. I’ve designed my signature program to help with this. It will not be a lonely journey. We go deep together.


It’s gonna get vulnerable up in here. All kinds of emotions are welcome here. It’s gonna take a little elbow grease. Stepping outside of your patterns and limiting beliefs and then recognizing and slaying them at every turn is ferocious work. But where it leads is diamond like crystal clear knowing, presence, and action that is available to you and is your choice in every (er, many more) moment.

You become an active participant in creating the life you want. You know how to respond, act, and move despite what is happening on the outside. And as a result, you show up for your life with more freedom, more richness, more impact, and the consistent feeling of precious sacredness within and without. 

Ready for this feeling?

Let’s schedule a complimentary discovery call to explore working together…


Only the best coaching training out there, in my humble opinion! Seriously though, Integral Coaching™ is a powerful methodology certified through Integral Coaching Canada, a school founded by Laura Divine and Joanne Hunt, and based on the work of American Integral philosopher Ken Wilber.

Integral means inclusive – connecting to and honoring all of you. In our work together, I look at many different facets of you, and include several different developmental lenses. This ensures we’re covering all the bases, and offering you the most comprehensive – and thus powerful, effective, and sustainable – transformation plan, tailored completely to your issue, your unique challenges, your personality, your life.

Going through the master training with ICC was one of the single most transformative experiences of my life. That’s because they work hard to make sure their coaches embody the method. This was no weekend training. It was a rigorous program that roto-rootered my mind, heart, and body to make me fit for the deepest level of service to my clients.

Want to try it out? Let’s schedule a complimentary discovery call to explore working together…



This is perfect for you if you:

  • Want to love and accept yourself and your journey like never before
  • Feel tired of skimming the surface of your life and are ready to go deeper
  • Are really ready to transform your life
  • Want to get started on a new project or career that aligns with your passion/purpose
  • Want to find out what really rings your bell (i.e. your passion)
  • Want to find a way to deeply serve like no one else but you can (i.e. your purpose)
  • Are going through or leaping into a major life transition
  • Want to say hello to a whole new you
  • Want to launch your gift, service, art, offering to the world
  • Want to make what you’re already offering a more powerful and deep expression of you (and thus, that much more awesome!)
  • Want more success from your life (however you define success)
  • Are tired of holding yourself back from being fully you in any realm: work, relationships, the way you express yourself, the way you love, the way you take care of yourself (or not so much)
  • Feel stuck in your limiting beliefs and ways
  • Feel as if you’re living someone else’s life
  • Are tired, irritable, unproductive, aimless, or feel like a victim of circumstance
  • Have no clue what you want but know you’re not really happy with your life
  • Want to live aligned with your highest Self – and connect to and trust the Source (Spirit, God, Goddess) that always has your back

Let’s schedule a complimentary discovery call to explore working together…


I am the right coach for you if you:

  • Want to work with someone who really gets you and your unique desires and challenges
  • Want a coach who isn’t afraid to love and challenge you
  • Are ok hearing the honest truth, lovingly and skillfully delivered (of course)
  • Don’t want a one-size fits all coaching program
  • Are ready to co-create a far more awesome life
  • Don’t like empty promises or the allure of quick fixes
  • Enjoy humor and even a few expletives thrown in for emphasis
  • Appreciate intelligent solutions that work
  • Are committed to doing the work (erryday, erryday)
  • Have the resources and are ready to invest in yourself

We’ll talk more about this in our initial discovery session. I also need to make sure that you’re the right client for me and that I can serve you in the ways you most need and want.

Let’s schedule a complimentary discovery call to explore working together…